BRec - Batch Recording Software that Automating Capturing Media File

BRec is Batch Recording software that automates capturing media files.  BRec is one of the many applications that ships with our Merlin Products.   Here is a list of feature found in BRec:

Key Features

  • Captures live video or video from a VTR.
  • Control any VTR that supports RS422 control.
  • Confidence monitor that play back the encoded video as it is captures with minimal delay.
  • Simultaneous frame accurate Proxy capture in MPEG1, MPEG4 and/or Windows Media 9.
  • Proxy Timecode burn in.
  • Animated bug insertion (Insert animated alpha blended overlay graphics to your videos ).
  • Frame accurate time triggered start and end capture using 9Pin, VITC, LTC or TOD (time of day).
  • VTR controls for finding IN and OUT points quickly on a connected VTR.
  • Crash record capability
  • Decoder controls with seek capability for playing back files through a Merlin board.
  • Drop Frame and Non Drop Frame support.
  • Source and Confidence Monitor windows for viewing video on Windows desktop.
  • Source and Confidence Monitor outputs for viewing video on external monitors.
  • MPEG2 files can be PS (Program Stream), TS (transport Stream) or ES (Elementary Stream).
  • Capture up to 8 channels of audio where audio channel can be from an Analog, AES or SDI embedded input
  • Audio inputs can be routed and mixed to any captured audio channel.